Art courses

The Timiș County Youth Foundation (FITT) through the Cultural Department initiated an artistic educational hub for young people and teenagers with artistic inclinations and aspirations at the Timiș County Youth House (Casa Tineretului). FITT's team of artists proposes a multidisciplinary program that includes courses in visual and performing arts. Each course has a duration of 3 months with weekly meetings, addressed to the age groups of 10-14 years old and 15-19 years old. In order to support the social integration of refugees from Ukraine into the community of Timișoara, the groups participating in the courses will be half ukrainian and half romanian.

Participation is based on registration, through the form attached to each course. Because the places are limited, in the event of their exhaustion, there is the possibility of registration at the completion of the ongoing course module. The courses will take place on different days of the week, thus offering the possibility to enroll in several courses. Participation is free of charge for all the courses.

The program and activities are implemented by FITT with the support of UNICEF.

For the smooth running of the courses we ask you to treat the attendance to the classes with responsibility. If participants accumulate two consecutive non-attendances or their overall attendance is not constant we reserve the right to suspend their entry in the course.

Cornelia Kirali


Within the artistic-plastic activities, modelling is presented as an activity through which the participant perceives and transforms reality in a three-dimensional way (sensing volume, proportions, etc.), making different creations through his/her own effort.

Constantin-Alexandru Dulică

Introduction to guitar

In this class we will learn to recognize notes on the guitar, play chords, explore different rhythms, but most importantly, we will put all of these concepts into practice by playing together.

Alisiya Yesman

Contemporary dance

Dinamică, mișcare, vigoare, claritate si îndrăzneala, sau poate tandrețe, fluiditate? În dansul contemporan ești liber alegi ce vrei tu în acest moment.

Cristian Florin Anghel

Painting fundamentals

This course aims to familiarize participants with painting in order to give them the confidence to express themselves through this medium. 

Alina Sferle

Drawing and printmaking

The exercises taught will help develop a sensitivity for how to observe and use line, shape, color, texture, rhythm, as well as the spatial organization of elements.

Eugen Paraschivu

Digital art

The digital art course aims to familiarize participants with digital techniques such as computer image processing, drawing, digital painting, animation, 3D modeling and drawing in virtual reality.

The art of the actor

Horn Raoul Andreas

We all think of theater as that moment when the actor sits alone on the stage with his hand on his hip, taking turns belting out the words. Or the applause at the end, when the actor's back hurts from so many bows. Through theater classes we aim to take our eyes off the top of the pyramid and look at the base.