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Introduction to guitar

In this class we will learn to recognize notes on the guitar, play chords, explore different rhythms, but most importantly, we will put all of these concepts into practice by playing together.


Music can be seen as a universal language that allows us to communicate and express emotions and thoughts through sounds and rhythms. The guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments in the world and can be used in a variety of musical genres, from rock to classical music.

The course is not just about learning to play the guitar, it's about discovering your passion for music and exploring your creativity through this wonderful instrument.

Constantin-Alexandru Dulică

Constantin-Alexandru Dulică

Music trainer


Session duration

1 hour per week


Course duration

The exact period will be announced soon.

Group 1 (10 - 14 years old) : every Friday, from 15:00

Group 2 (15 - 19 years old) : every Friday, from 16:15


Available spots

Group 1
10 - 14 years old: 10 spots

Group 2
15 - 18 years old: 10 spots


For the smooth running of the courses we ask you to treat the attendance to the classes with responsibility. If participants accumulate two consecutive non-attendances or their overall attendance is not constant we reserve the right to suspend their entry in the course.

Weekly classes

  1. Introduction, presentation of the instrument, name and numbering of the strings, numbering of the fingers (representative sheet), correct position of the hands on the guitar, how to hold the pick, introductory exercise (fingers 1, 2, 3, 4 on each string, alternating up and down pick). Demonstration of various simple techniques to be learned (right hand techniques, strumming chords, classical guitar techniques) Choice of instruments for learners and presentation of long-term objectives.

Em chord (E minor), finding it on the guitar griff, right hand variations with pick, reading tablature. Presentation of rhythm notions.

Right hand variations (4 beats, bass string, first 3 strings) on the Em chord. Introducing the Am chord.

Change between Am and Em chords. Using the right fingers for the respective chords, using the right-hand variation on the respective chords.

Introducing folk strumming. Right hand variation. Use the two chords previously learned.

Introduce the D (D major) chord. Repeat all three chords and variations learned for the right hand.

Review the notions learned previously. Emphasis on the transition from one chord to another. Use the metronome. Introduce the C (C major) chord.

Introduction of the E chord (E major) and exercises for the right hand with metronome.

Repeat all chords. Introduce a more complicated technique for the right hand. Introduce the G (G major) chord

Repeat all the notes learned using the metronome. Prepare the final performance.

Recap the notes, emphasising the clarity of the sound produced by the guitar. Check the notes previously learned.

Each learner will exemplify the techniques learned during the course. Final rehearsals for the final performance.