About the course

Watercolors | Oil painting

Painting fundamentals

This course aims to help participants get accustomed to the art of painting, providing them with the confidence they need to express themselves through this artistic medium.

Painting fundamentals


The course offers a three-month journey into the world of painting as a means of visual expression, addressing the understanding of the fundamentals of creating a painted work. Participants will acquire basic knowledge of composition and color theory, and will have the opportunity to explore various painting techniques. All these aspects will ultimately contribute to the enhancement of aesthetic sensitivity.

Kateryna Sierova

Kateryna Sierova



Session duration

one hour and thirty minutes a week

Course duration

The exact period will be announced soon.

Group 1 (10 - 14 years old) : every Tuesday, from 17:00 to 18:30

Group 1 (15 - 19 years old) : every Wednesday, from 17:00 to 18:30

Available spots

Group 1
10 - 14 years old: 10 spots

Group 2
15 - 18 years old: 10 spots


Weekly classes

1. Introductory presentation
2. First steps with watercolors
3. Still life with watercolors
4. Landscape with watercolors
5. Free composition
6. First steps with pastels
7. Still life with pastels
8. Landscape with pastels
9. Oil panting, still life
10. Landscape with oil paintings
11. Abstraction composition (free technique)
12. Abstraction composition (free technique)