About the course

Digital painting | Animation | 3D modeling | Virtual reality

Digital art

The digital art course aims to familiarize participants with digital techniques such as computer image processing, drawing, digital painting, animation, 3D modeling and drawing in virtual reality. Attendees have the opportunity to learn what the creative process is used today in many of the areas that underpin digital content such as movies, games, animation, 3D printing and so on.


Due to the rapid advancement of technology, children today are much more comfortable with using technological equipment, in some cases even more so than their parents. The participants' curiosity to discover how many of the products they love are created is at the heart of this course. Therefore, the course will focus on the development of personal projects of the participants, and the devices used (tablets, VR glasses, 3D printer) will play an important role for the different stages of the projects. The final objective is for the participants to materialize these ideas, to have the satisfaction of starting and finishing a successful project. Of course, the complexity of the projects will be different for the two age groups, and the assignments and materials taught will conform to the level of the participants.  

In this course we will go over the basic principles of art such as line, two-dimensional and three-dimensional form, proportion, rhythm, color, texture, focusing in particular on the tools at our disposal.

Eugne Paraschivu

Eugne Paraschivu

Animator and illustrator


Session duration

Two hours per week


Course duration

The timetable will be communicated to participants by phone or email in the nearby future.

Group 1 (10 - 14 years old) : every Thursday, from 14:00

Group 2 (15 - 19 years old) : every Thursday, from 17:00

Available spots

Group 1
10 - 14 years old: 10 spots

Group 2
15 - 18 years old: 10 spots


Weekly classes

  1. Introduction to Digital Art – How digital art is used in modern creative industries, introduction to image editing software and introduction to a topic
  2. Digital drawing and painting 1
  3. Digital drawing and painting 2 
  4. Digital drawing and painting 3
  5. 2D Animation – Basic Animation Exercises 1
  6. 2D Animation – Basic Animation Exercises 2
  7. 2D Animation – Basic Animation Exercises 3
  8. 2D Animation – Basic Animation Exercises 4
  9. 3D modeling – from sketch to 3D model 1
  10. 3D modeling – from sketch to 3D model 2
  11. 3D modeling – from sketch to 3D model 3
  12.  3D modeling – from sketch to 3D model 4